Gardens of Woodstock

5211 Swanson Rd.
Lakewood, IL 60098
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The Gardens of Woodstock is more than just plants . . . its a destination. The Gardens feature several waterfalls and ponds. The original waterfall was small with only a 3 foot drop and a small pond. Today when you take a walk through The Gardens you can see how our passion grew and evolved. The Gardens now includes 5-separate waterfalls. The two largest have over 5 foot drops and evoke serenity with the sound of falling water. You can identify two more by the sound of bubbling brooks and small catch ponds that cascade into a large pond.

The Gardens is the perfect atmosphere for a one of a kind wedding. Whether Spring, Summer or Fall, The Gardens is alive with blooms to delight you and your guests. Each wedding is unique and here at The Gardens we pride ourselves at making yours as distinctive as possible.

Gardens of Woodstock
Gardens of Woodstock
Gardens of Woodstock
Gardens of Woodstock
Gardens of Woodstock

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