Anderson's Candy Shop

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Richmond, IL 60071
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Andersons Candy Shop has been making gourmet chocolates in Richmond, Illinois for almost 100 years. And just as making quality candy is a third-generation tradition in my family, giving Anderson's as a gift has become a multi-generation tradition for thousands of others. Every piece of Anderson's Candy is handmade.

Our creams, caramels and other centers are cooked in copper kettle over an antique gas stove in Richmond, Illinois.

Talented dippers then take those centers and hand coat each candy in our signature smooth and sweet chocolate.

We use recipes handed down to us from founder Aurthur Anderson and which we have modified and improved upon through the years - sometimes, we are not ashamed to admit, by happy accident. (See our blog "Chocolate Chat" for stories.)

The candy tastes so good because we use all of the best ingredients including raw cane sugar, grade AA Wisconsin butter, pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract and whole cream.

Anderson's Candy Shop
Anderson's Candy Shop
Anderson's Candy Shop
Anderson's Candy Shop
Anderson's Candy Shop

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